The True Living Experience

Every entrepreneur needs a lifestyle that drives their business forward.

No One Does Intelligent Lifestyle Design Better Than Us.

If your goal is to be the best at what you do and help as many people as possible you need a system that produces results along with the accountability to push you to greatness.

The Path of Success

What's Included?

  • Our recommended readings that will allow you to discover your unique gift and build a business sharing it with the world
  • Financial decision-making templates and budgets to develop clear, measurable goals
  • The Synergy System: our Google Sheets online toolbox to structure your life
  • The Transformational Business Journey: our Google Sheets online toolbox to structure your business
  • Personal and business expense trackers to manage all your finances
  • Debt/loan payoff calculator so you know what size payments you need to be making
  • Waiver template that you can customize and use for your clients
  • Sales template so you know how to speak authentically and close deals over the phone
  • Acuity scheduling templates to manage your client database

The Synergy System & Transformational Business Journey

Discover our Google Sheets online toolbox designed specifically to help passion-driven entrepreneurs structure their life and business.

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Personal & Business Expense Trackers

Keep a record of all your financials with our easy-to-use spreadsheet system.

Templates That Simplify Client Management

Use our sales, waiver, and scheduling templates as a starting point for organizing your back end systems.

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The Path of Health

What's Included?

  • 360 Health Assessment
  • Diet/Nutritional Assessment
  • Custom Nutrition Program
  • Lifestyle Picture Message Coaching
  • Functional/Athletic Exercise Program with Videos
  • Posture Analysis and Corrective Stretch Program
  • Gym Equipment List (to workout from home)
  • Recommended Food Shopping List
  • How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy book by Paul Chek
  • Agenda Templates for a Balanced Personal and Professional Life

Start with Our 360 Degree Health Assessments

The first thing we do is have you fill out our health questionnaires that analyze your overall lifestyle and physique.

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Follow Custom-Designed Nutrition & Fitness Programs

We'll get you set up with an agenda specifically designed for your unique metabolic type.

Master The Seven Essential Lifestyle Habits

Once you operationalize these seven health principals you will never have to worry about having enough energy to keep your business moving.

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Learn How to Live a Conscious Lifestyle From The Best

You'll receive Paul Chek's Eat, Move, and Be Healthy book immediately upon joining our community.


The Path of Joy

What's Included?

  • Executive function exercises and meditations to boost your communication skills
  • Brain development exercises to increase focus and keep you in action
  • Learn win-win concepts that allow you to become a leader in your community
  • Agenda templates that help you live a happy and fulfilled life
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Unstoppable Mindset + Strategic Action = Guaranteed Results

Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions create your reality. We'll teach you how to bring your dream into reality with practical, day-by-day steps.

Time is Money

We know time is (by far) your most valuable asset. Our program will show you how to structure your life in a way that maximizes your productivity while leaving room for you to have a balanced personal life.

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You Are Your Competition

Everyone playing the game of personal development knows there is no bigger threat to success than one's own fears and limiting beliefs. We have the tools and exercises that will lead you to that next massive breakthrough.

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